Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thank You.. :D

1. Ellie n frenz from PJ. Ordered 2 batches of Popia Horlicks n Oat Squares. Maaf second batch ni terlambat hantar as ada aral yg melintang.. Sorry n TQ so much Sis tlg promosi!!!

2. Zila from Muzium Negara. As usual ordered Oat Squares n ada penambahan Cocktail/Sardine Rolls. Sorry sis x dpt nk join sale during cuti sekolah di Muzium tuh.. :(.. nway TQ so much sis!!

3. Gosh, uols bole g blog die..(Gosh) hihihi from Puchong. Ordered Oat Squares n Popia Horlicks for taste tasting. Glad to know u luv it n Tq for d souvenirs tuh... ;) Tqvm

4. K.Renee from Klang. Ordered Oat Squares, Popia Horlicks and Cocktail/Sardines Rolls. TQ Kak.

5. K.Rabaah from P.Klang. Ordered Oat Squares n Popia Horlicks. TQVM

6. Hubby's old frenz... En.Ridzua n, Dr. Helind. Grabbed Popia Horlicks and Oat Squares semasa gathering SK TBA(1). TQ so much

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