Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thank You

Thank you a zillion to fmajal-homemades valueable customers:

1. Fieza frm Putrajaya. Ordered Oat Squares. Repeat order. TQVM ye!

2. Zila from Muzium. Orderd Oat Squares. Kali ke brp x ingat dah eh.. hihihi... Thx a lot Dear!!!

3. Aishah from Kota Damansara. Orderd Oat Squares, Popia Horlicks, and Cocktail/Sardine Rolls (each) for her sons Aqiqah and her taste testing.. :-D. Citer2 rupe2nyer x-schoolmate n same batch. 1 blok asrama lg... kihkihkih.. jejak kasih sungguh. Nway, sorry couldnt attend ur Majlis.. N TQ so much and harap2 sesuai dgn selera Cik Bad n family/frenz..!

4. Aalinn from Klang. Ordered Oat Squares, and Popia Horlicks. TQVM!! Hopefully u like it

5. Nabiha from Alor Gajah. Ordered Oat Squares and Popia Horlicks utk dibawa blk Johor. Sorry terpaksa patah blk.. TQ2x so much Nabiha.. Hopefully u like it!!

6. Anna from Serdang. Ordered Oat Squares n Popia Horlicks. Repeat order. TQVM sis!!

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