Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank You..!!

My greatest gratitude to:

1. Nina frm Perlis. As usual ordered Oat Squares, sent to Semenyih. Kena keje mana Dik..? ;-) TQ

2. Elina n Fifie (x-schoolmates). Ordered big boxes of Oat Squares. Tqvm both of u... :-(

3. Aznida from Tapah. Ordered Oat Squares n Popia Horlicks for taste testing. Thx a lot, sudi nk merasa.. :-)

4. K. Marina n her sporting collegues, staff of Acappella, Shah Alam. Grabbed n Ordered Oat Squares, Popia Horlicks n Frozen rolls. TQVM kak n all!!

5. Staff of Synagates, Shah Alam (K.Marina tlg promote to them, Thx kak :-D). Ordered Oat Squares n Popia Horlicks. Tqvm u ols!! X nak order lg ke... hihihi

6. Ustazah Faiza frm SSP. Ordered Popia Horlicks on behalf of her collegue, Ckgu.Ika. TQ so much Cikgu.. :-D

7. Liza Hanim from Puchong. Ordered Oat Squares, Popia Horlicks, n Frozen Rolls. Trima kasih byk. How was it dear..?

8. Wina from Kajang. As usual Popia Horlicks, her kids favourite. :-D Thx a lot my fren..

9. Munirah from Pekan. Ordered Popia Horlicks and Oat Squares. Tq so much for ordering. Harap2 cepat la sampainye. ;-)

10. K.Ita n her customers. Cocktail rolls dijual di kafe Singgah Selalu. Tq so much for your support.

Hopefully, all my beloved customers like their orders. TQ so much!

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